Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The first time I saw one of Them was at a train station on a Saturday morning. I was going into London to visit the shops, and I presumed it was a new art installation. The council had warned there would be more statuary in our town future, so it made sense that this blocky metallic man would be related.

When I disembarked the train, I saw another of Them. “Must be an advertising campaign,” I thought.

The third one of Them was standing on the tube platform. The fourth was near the exit. By the fifth one of Them, found just outside a sandwich shop, I was starting to get nervous. Everyone else was ignoring them, but when I touched one, it was most certainly there. Maybe everyone else knew what they were about?

“Excuse me?” I said to the next person to pass. “Do you know what this is?”

“It’s a sandwich shop.” He didn’t even slow down as he passed the sixth one of Them.

At this point, my blood was icy cold and my skin had erupted in gooseflesh.

I stared as the man who had just passed came to a stop and transformed into the seventh one of Them. What was happening?

“You!” said a man with bushy brown hair and a ridiculously long scarf. “You see them!”

As he was pointing at one of Them, he must have as well.


The man’s blue eyes widen. “And you haven't transformed?"


"That must mean something!" He proclaimed as he reached out to take my arm. "Come with me!”

And that is how I met the Doctor.

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